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Dermaroller Microneedle, Microneedle Mesotherapy and Derma Peel

Find out more about ​​Dermaroller Microneedle, Microneedle Mesotherapy Pen, Nappage Mesotherapy Needling Treatment and Derma Peel treatments. 


If you're not sure which is the best treatment for you, please call Shelina on 07886 655 123 where your needs can be discussed and specialised to your requirements.

Dermaroller Microneedle Treatment

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How does it work?

The collagen results from the natural wounding of the skin, even though the wound is miniscule.

Each tiny wound goes through three classic phases of wound healing as would any wound.

Dermaroller achieves results through increased quantities and access of cell nutrients to the skin-optimising cell function and increases cell turnover.

Tiny open channels created by the roller allows 80% more pharmaceutical grade serums to penetrate into the skin than just an everyday topical product.


  • Prices start from £45 a treatment (basic treatment) this can include use of derma roller home care for £10 extra.
    Please call Shelina on 07886655123 for more advice.

  • Full optimum aesthetics Derma roller treatment, price
    for this treatment is £70 per treatment.
    This treatment can be performed every 6-8 weeks.
    Course of 3-4 treatments, using only
    SRS pharmaceutical grade serums.

What is dermaroller?

Multiple superficial puncture wounds, releasing growth factors that simulate fibroblasts creating new collagen and elastin.

Dermaroller aims to traumatise skin without collateral damage to the epidermis and healthy skin tissue. Recovery is rapid with no residual pain or discomfort, increasing 80% of collagen.


  • Suits all skin types (apart from active rosacea skin)

  • Suitable for thin skin (helps to tighten skin and boost collagen to induce tighter skin cells)

  • Rapid healing (expect your skin to look like sunburn till the next day, makeup can be applied)

  • Minimal downtime

  • Safe and very effective treatment

  • Minimal/limited side effects depending on level of treatment

  • Minimal discomfort

  • No post light sensitivity

  • Reduction of lines and wrinkles

  • Sun damage and ageing skin replenish

  • Evens skin pigmentation (may need a derma peel course)

  • Boosts skins firmness and elasticity

  • Highly nourishes and balances skin

  • Helps in acne and chicken pox scars (may need a derma peel course)

  • Stretch marks

  • Helps with diminishing scaring

  • Under eye bags

  • Enlarged pores

  • Anti-ageing

  • Ice-pick scarring

  • Hyperpigmentation (may need a derma peel course)

  • Non active rosacea

  • Acne scarring (may need a derma peel course)

  • Closes pores

  • Evens skin tone

  • Brightens skin tone

  • Balances PH

  • Boosts natural collagen

  • Adds vitamins to nourish

Within consultation I may recommend a pharmaceutical grade skin peel in between treatments for optimum results and for those who have pigmentation conditions (client’s choice). This will be discussed in consultation for the client’s needs and requirements for full benefits.

Microneedle Mesotherapy Pen / Nappage Mesotherapy Needling Treatment

Micro needle meso.jpg

Non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment allowing small punctures to the skin alongside allowing Hyaluronic acid serum and vitamins to penetrate into the skin giving instant radiance and long-term benefits to the skin.


Treatments start from £45 to £70 depending on the depth of micro-needles needed. This will be discussed within consultation or at the time of booking the treatment.


  • Fades acne marks and scars over time

  • Skin resurfacing

  • Tightens loose skin

  • Lightens the skin

  • Nourishes and balances the skins natural PH level

  • Stretch marks

  • Evens out enlarged pores

  • Sun damage and ageing skin replenish

  • Renews and resurfaces the skin

  • Induce natural collagen

  • Places vitamins, minerals and Hyaluronic acid to epidermal layers of the skin

  • Improves fine lines and wrinkles

  • Leaves skin radiant, plump and revitalised

Prices on these treatments ranges from £45 to £70 and a choice of micro needle derma pen or micro needle syringe, this will be explained during consultation to suit your needs. 


Skin Resurfacing Derma Peel

Aesthetics treatment.

A chemical derma peel is a method of resurfacing of the skin by inducing a controlled wound.

This treatment is a 40% Glycolic peel pharmaceutical graded DCL product, very safe and beneficial.

A course of up to 6 treatments is recommended if treating skin problems such as pigmentation, acne and scarring. It is also a wonderful treatment to refresh the skin and balance sebum as a skin resurfacing aesthetics treatment.

  • It removes via accelerated desquamation targeting layers of the skin

  • A chemical peel penetrates deeper compared to regular exfoliation

  • It stimulates the skin regeneration mechanism

  • Improves hydration of the skin

  • Boosts the production of natural Hyaluronic acid

  • Boosts the production of healthy collagen and elastin

  •  Boosts the epidermal proteins

  • Improves fine lines

  • Uneven skin tone and texture

  • Acne problems

  • Helps to even Pigmentation

  • Photodamage

  • Powerful anti-microbial

  • Boosts natural collagen

  • Balances PH


A wonderful skin aesthetics treatment for renewed skin £45 per treatment. Skin peel time is increased within a course of treatments and results will continue to improve with subsequent treatments. A course of treatments would be 4 to 6 sessions. (Consultation will be performed before treatment).

One of the most popular non-invasive treatments available with no downtime, no superficial uncomfortable peeling and suitable for all skin types. This skin rejuvenation treatment leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and revitalised improving fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone & texture.

The peel itself is a powerful anti-microbial agent and is buffered with willow herb, a natural anti-inflammatory, making it an excellent treatment for active acne and folliculitis.


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